Rockstar Games published and Rockstar North developed an action-adventure game from the 2000s that is Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. This game is the first entry in the Grand Theft Auto series and was a huge success from the day of its release. The entire game is based on the fictional 1986 city set that is based in Miami, where there is the mobster named Tommy Vercetti, who was caught by the police for a drug business and the game begins with his release from prison. After that, he searches for all the real defendants and kills them all and lives a life of luxury.

This game was initially released only for the Playstation platform in 2002, but due to its wide recognition and demand, it was also released for all Microsoft Windows platforms. After that, it was considered that this game will never stop to break all records and because Rockstar games released this game for Xbox in 2004. This game was on the rise for almost 6 years, where Rockstar announced the release of all these other platforms as well, where the game was also released for MacOS X in 2010. After that, it was released for iOS, Android, and also for Fire OS.

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Overview of GTA Vice City

GTA Vice City became famous for its open-world design that gave gamers a third-person perspective world to live in, within the virtual world. This game is based on many people and real-world incidents that had happened in Miami in different places and Rockstar Games has done a great job to increase its virtuality according to the player’s point of view. Many movies inspired by this game were released that included Scarface and Miami Vice. Much of its development is done by doing a lot of research in Miami, which includes geographically and doing a lot of fieldwork, and that’s why this game also feels original.

Where can you download GTA Vice City for Mac for free
GTA Vice City for Mac

The launch of this massive game was a huge success and it also received a lot of positive reviews for the directed music, the game, and even for its open-world design. However, it created a lot of negativity and portrayed a lot of violence and racial groups that are causing the lawsuits and protested against the prohibition of this game. But despite all this, Vice City was the best-selling game of 2002, which sold over 17.5 million copies and earned the title of the world’s sixth-generation video game. Since launch, this game has received many improvements and updates that have changed this game a lot. On its tenth anniversary, Rockstar Games launched its version of Android, which is also making a huge climb in the Android market.

One of the main characteristics of this game is that its detail compared to all the other games and the various elements that are present in this one are highly created in detail and a lot of work is done in all the parts, which has made its game to be super massive than any other game in this world. Along with that, it has a very defined story flow.

System Requirements For Mac OS

These requirements are the minimum requirements you must have on your Mac OS platform to run GTA Vice City.

The processor must be Intel Core 2 duo or higher to enhance your gaming experience. The RAM must be at least 1 GB for it to work properly. The space on the hard disk during installation must be at least 9 GB and the space during processing must be at least 6 GB.

How to download GTA Vice City for Mac for free
Download GTA Vice City for Mac for free

The operating system compatible with this game must be Mac OS X 10.5.8 and Snow leopard 10.6.2. The graphics chip that needs to be there is NVIDIA 7300 GT or higher, but Intel X3100 and ATIX1600 will work for this game, too. The file space for this game is 1.3GB.

Download GTA Vice City free for Mac OS

The main point to keep in mind is that any previous version of macOS released before 2010 will not support this game and will make sure you meet the minimum requirements before installing it. We ensure that you are satisfied with the information that we have provided on the GTA Vice City. Learn the procedure of installing GTA Vice City. This version of macOS won’t harm your system yet it will offer you advanced features and smooth functioning over the workflow. If you ever come across the doubts in installing GTA Vice City then feel free to drop in the query in the comment box and our team of experts will try to solve the query in the least possible time.

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